Pellet Mill


-          Easy die change due to conical die fit

-          Easy to use due to simple but robust construction

-          Easy to maintain due to good access

-          Reliable and durable

-          Precision down to the finest detail

-          Central lubrication

-          Active roller slip control

Frequent product changeover, fluctuations in raw material, new recipe formulas and changes of operators ..

a pellet mill has to deal with all of this.

The symbiosis between latest production technique and traditional mechanical engineering makes Graf Equipment pellet mills prepared for all these challenges.


Our “powerhorse” are characterized by robustness and reliability. 


The thick-walled metal sheets are cut with a high-precision laser. Our experienced employees weld the sheets in manual work to a very solid and durable frame.


Precision down to the finest detail is our personal matter.


This is reinforced through a vibration-free and well-rounded operation. 

Easy and fast change of dies due to the conical die fit and good access make the pellet mill easy to maintain. The central lubrication feed in automatic mode the press with lubricating grease.

Automatic roller adjustment and the roller slip control ensure performance and flexibility.

The pellet mill door and all surfaces in contact with the materials are made from AISI 304 stainless steel.

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