Counterflow Cooler



  • Gentle cooling due to counterflow principle
  • Easy and fast to clean, no cross-contamination and low maintenance requirements due to  optimized design
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Easy transport and assembly through modular design
  • Efficient cooling with airlock located in the product entry
  • Homogenous product distribution system
  • Cooling up to 5 °C over ambient temperature

The Graf Equipment Counterflow cooler is used for cooling feed and biomass pellets. The efficient and gentle cooling of the hot and moist pellets has a significant influence on the quality. With the counterflow cooler of Graf Equipment all important parameters such as airflow, temperature and filling level can be monitored and adjusted.


During the development we focus in particular on easy cleaning, low maintenance and long durability.


Due to the “first-in, first-out” principle, a cross-contamination is excluded.


In case of frequent product changes, we recommend our double counterflow cooler to design batch changes as efficient and fast as possible. 

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